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Anglitemp is a major supplier of calcium silicate insulation for high temperature applications.

Under the “Insulite” brand Anglitemp is the UK market leader in the manufacture and supply of calcium silicate for pipeline and vessel insulation.The company offers the full range of pipe section, lags for pipe and vessel insulation together with high performance flat slab for refractory use.

INSULITE Calcium Silicate

Insulite is a tough and durable calcium silicate offering exceptional thermal efficiency on hot process applications. It is non combustible, inert and contains no asbestos.




Insulite 650
Maximum Service Temp: 650°C
Average Density: 220kg/m3
Compressive Strength: 0.8Mpa
Combustibility: Non-comb
Linear Shrinkage: <2%
Flexural Strength: 0.4Mpa
Thermal Conductivity @200°C: 0.06W/mK
Insulite 1050
Maximum Service Temp: 1050°C
Average Density: 265kg/m3
Compressive Strength: 1.8Mpa
Combustibility: Non-comb
Linear Shrinkage: 1.4%
Flexural Strength: 0.8Mpa
Thermal Conductivity @200°C: 0.07W/mK