Download the Phenolic Foam PDF datasheet.


Anglitemp’s Nu-Phen Phenolic Foam is a closed cell, thermally efficient rigid foam, based on phenolic resins and containing no CFCs.

Cut to accurate dimensions on CNC equipment, Nu-Phen Phenolic meets industry requirements for OD’s and wall thicknesses, and is supplied with factory applied BCO reinforced aluminium foil as an external vapour barrier and also contains an internal bore coating. Nu-Phen is available in standard 40kg/m3 density together with a range of higher densities for pipe supports.

Nu-Phen Phenolic Foam carries a Euroclass Fire Rating of BL – S1, d0 (classified in accordance with EN 13501-1: 2018)





Nu-Phen Phenolic
Density: 40kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity: 0.025 W/mK (EN12667)
Service Temperature: -50 to +110°C
Compressive Strength: (EN 826) >110 Kpa (Perpendicular) >150 Kpa (Parallel)
Closed Cell Content: (EN ISO 4590) > 90%
Fire Rating: BL -S1, d0 (EN 13501-1)