Download the Pipe Supports PDF datasheet.


Anglitemp combines its experience in Thermal Insulation materials with its specialised production techniques to offer a full range of pipe support products for cryogenic to high temperature applications. Insulated supports can be manufactured in single product or composite product designs from a range of specialised materials including:

  • Cellular Glass
  • High Density Polyurethane
  • Low Density Calcium Silicate
  • High Density Calcium Silicate
  • High Density Phenolic Foam

No matter how complex the application may be, Anglitemp will have the solution to your problem – in fact, we have probably solved it already for one of our many satisfied customers.




Cellular Glass
Density 165kg/m3
Comp. Strength 1.6Mpa
Thermal Conductivity 0.047 W/mK@10°C
Temp. Limit -260 to +430°C
HD Polyurethane
Density 160 - 400kg/m3
Comp. Strength 2-7Mpa
Thermal Conductivity 0.02 - 0.035 W/mK@-160°C
Temp. Limit -200 to +80°C
LD Calcium Silicate
Density 260kg/m3
Comp. Strength 1.5Mpa
Thermal Conductivity 0.058 W/mK@+200°C
Temp. Limit 0 to +1000°C
HD Calcium Silicate
Density 770kg/m3
Comp. Strength 11Mpa
Thermal Conductivity 0.18 W/mK@+200°C
Temp. Limit 0 to +500°C