Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal Work

Anglitemp has enjoyed being an integral part of the work carried out at the ConocoPhillips owned Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal (TGT). After the discovery of the Juliet gas field in block 47/14b of the North Sea, TGT required a constant supply of Cellular Glass and Anglitemp’s NuPhen Phenolic foam.

Supply to TGT for this particular project began in January 2014 when Gas was first taken from Juliet and redirected to TGT, and continued through to November 2014. The job has consisted of over 1000m of Pipe Section & Lags, 200 bends and various Tees and Flat Slab of both Cellular Glass and NuPhen Phenolic, up to 2931o/d x 100mm in size.

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